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CNG( compresses natural gas) is also known as NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicle) or GNC in certain parts of the world.
Click here to view the video on CNG cylinder abuse test. This video shows the various safety test that a CNG cylinder is put through. this video is to strongly re-enforce the idea that CNG is one of the safest fuels to use on board a passenger vehicle.
Click here to download the MS-Excel sheet where you can calculate the savings by using NGV for you vehicle
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Click here to know the truth behind the accident that took place in the NGV refuelling station. Copy of press release by leading newspaper.

The actual cause of this accident had been due to the Oxy-Acetylene tank present in the car along with the NGV cylinder. As you can see in the pictures above, nothing happened to the NGV tank. You can download the movie in the first link where you can see that NGV tanks are put to rigourous test, including Dynamite and Gunfire test, before been approved for commercial production.NGV is 100% safe !

Video on Natural Gas drilling & exploration.

 Video on Natural Gas Conversions in USA

Video on Natural Gas cars in Brazil

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